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The 5 most important dog owner apps for Android and iPhone


By Kate Jennings - 20 Nov 2013

From extremely useful to completely useless: With the advent of smartphones and tablets, dog owners can choose from an overwhelming number of dog-related apps for Android and iOS systems. The Nutricanis editorial team has tested the various apps and picked out the five best ones for dog owners. After all, at Nutricanis, we employ people who love dogs and who want to make sure that your four-legged friend stays healthy and active. We believe that well-being and enjoyment of life are important to every dog owner.

1. Finding the nearest vet for your dog in case of emergency: Vetfinder
A dog app that will hopefully never be used but should nevertheless be installed on every dog owner’s smartphone: VETFINDER. As the name suggests, the app quickly shows the dog owner the location of the nearest veterinarian. It offers practical filter options (by specialisation, etc.) that can help you to not only find the nearest but also the most suitable vet in an emergency. As an especially handy feature, the app highlights veterinarians with emergency numbers and offers the contact details for each vet.

Download: Vetfinder for iOS und Android.

2. Hours of browsing through millions of dog photos: Dog Breeds Unlike
VETFINDER, the DOG BREEDS app does not really have any practical purpose to speak of. Its fun factor is all the greater, though. DOG BREEDS is something like Instagram for dog pictures, of which millions have already been uploaded to the app. The app allows dog owners and dog lovers to browse through these pictures for hours. You can search by breed and other criteria, become inspired by other photography enthusiasts and share your own dog photos with like-minded people. Non-dog owners will most likely not really understand the point of the app, but as we know, they live in another world anyway...

Download: Dog Breeds for iOS und Android.

3. The diary for dogs and dog owners: Caniner Doggie Diary
The easiest and most convenient way to store the (best) memories of your dog: CANINER DOGGIE DIARY is an app for dog owners, which allows you to create a diary for your dog in just a few clicks to record the best stories, photos and videos from his life. The app also includes a practical dog passport that can be used to store all the information a vet may need in a format that allows it to be accessed immediately. Each entry in your dog’s diary can be shared easily on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can participate in your most beautiful memories.

Download: Caniner Doggie Diary for iOS.

4. Safety first: Giftköderradar
Scandal is a big understatement. Again and again, we hear of poison bait being laid - often with criminal intent - a problem that should be addressed by the police and prosecutors but which is all too often perceived as a matter of little importance. At least GIFTKÖDERRADAR now offers a great self-help option. Via this app, like-minded dog owners can share the most recent locations in which poison bait has been laid. Every dog owner who has this app is warned automatically when he or she enters a poison bait danger zone. Since the safety and health of your dog should always be a top priority, this app is highly recommended.

Download: Giftköderradar for iOS und Android.

5. Circumventing the problem of dog bans: Hundestrand-App
Though not comparable to poison bait, still always a reason to tear one’s hair out: the often completely obscure regulations regarding the dog ban on beaches. The HUNDESTRAND-APP makes this nuisance a thing of the past because it allows you to view a list of all dog-friendly beaches even in the planning stages of your holiday. But not only that – the HUNDESTRAND-APP also informs you about “little” things such as leash laws, costs, and parking options. An app that dog owners should definitely use when preparing for beach holidays or visits to the beach.

Download: Hundestrand-App for iOS und Android.

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