Wet Dog Food

Grain-free/cereal-free wet food for dogs

Wet food for dogs - grain-free/cereal-free, complete nutrition for adult dogs in Lamb + Sweet Potato and Turkey + Pumpkin flavours, as well as our Kangaroo + Okra hypoallergenic wet food for dogs with allergies. Our wet food is well tolerated. Just like our dry food for dogs, our grain-free/cereal-free wet dog food also contains selected ingredients only so your dog receives the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals he needs. We never use anything that does not belong in a dog's food bowl: We work

  • without grain or gluten
  • without corn and rice
  • without soy
  • without preservatives
  • without sugar and attractants
  • without cheap fillers
  • without artificial flavours or flavour enhancers

How is our wet food for dogs produced?

Thanks to our collaboration with veterinarians, our wet food contains perfectly balanced amounts of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates. During production, our gentle cooking and vitamin-preserving cold filling processes protect the nutrients contained in our dog food for minimal nutritional loss. As a result, your dog is not just well-fed but also fed in a way that is conducive to his overall wellbeing. Nutricanis wet food is particularly juicy and rich in natural flavours. That means it tastes good and is good– for more enjoyable meals and increased vitality thanks to improved well-being.

  • only one source of animal protein - mono protein
  • high meat content, vegetables, and herbs
  • vitamin-preserving cold filling
  • gentle cooking process
  • made in Germany

What ingredients are used in Nutricanis wet dog food?

Nutricanis grain-free/cereal-free wet food for dogs is available in Turkey + Pumpkin flavour with carrots, safflower oil, herbs, and milk thistle and Lamb + Sweet Potato flavor with peas, safflower oil, herbs, and milk thistle. Depending on the variety, we use turkey or lamb, vegetables such as carrots, peas, and pumpkin, and fine herbs.

Nutricanis wet food is so valuable because it is specially tailored to suit the needs of the dog and to ensure that the individual ingredients go well with each other. As a result, the meat content in our wet food is high. And we use only flavour-packed high-protein meats in our dog food. A gentle cooking process ensures that the proteins do not become denatured and their nutritional value is largely retained. We also supplement our dog food with carefully-selected vegetables. The vegetables we choose, from sweet potatoes to carrots and peas, are finely tuned to the respective premium recipe and always add great value - as a source of vitamins, dietary fibre and minerals. These ingredients, selected with the utmost care, help ensure that the food is more balanced, better tolerated, and highly digestible.

What sets apart Nutricanis wet food for dogs?

Our grain-free/cereal-free wet food for dogs contains milk thistle. Milk thistle is an important medicinal plant that has been used since the 16th century to treat hepatobiliary disorders. Extract of milk thistle is an integral part of our wet food - at least in all varieties for which it is beneficial. We use the seven-millimetre long seeds, since they contain precious silymarin. Silymarin can protect, strengthen, and detoxify the liver. It is also said to stimulate the flow of bile and thus to have a positive effect on digestion. In addition, extract of milk thistle contains antioxidants that naturally protect the immune system against aggressive free radicals.

Like other ingredients, silymarin is not a miracle substance that helps quickly when taken just once. Rather, Nutricanis wet food contains a carefully-balanced dosage that is designed to support the natural liver function. This means that feeding your dog Nutricanis wet food on a regular basis can promote his health in the long term.

Our promise

100% disclosure of all ingredients. No animal testing!