Of course, we all love to spoil puppies and small dogs in particular. However, proper training is important from the very beginning so both dog and human know how they can rely on each other. It creates an intimacy that contributes significantly to allowing you to spend much quality time together. Training requires three key factors: authority, consistency and patience. Anything else you need to know and take to heart can be found here.

  • Introduction to Clicker Training

    What It Is and Isn’t, & Why It Works
    Every new dog or puppy owner worries about training a new furry companion. Do we crate train or use a potty pad? How do we teach her to walk on a leash? Does the training start right away, or can we wait for her to get settled in her new home?

    By starting positive reinforcement with clicker training as soon as you get your dog home, you Read more

  • How to train the dog to stay home alone

    Why Can’t My Dog Be Alone?

    A common complaint of new pet parents is that their pups are destructive or disruptive when left alone at home. While these problems may just be a sign that your dog needs to be taught polite house manners, they can also indicate an anxiety disorder called “separation anxiety.” This disorder is triggered when dogs become upset because of separation Read more

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