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Dog Snacks Turkey Jerky Nuggets

Dog Snacks Turkey Jerky Nuggets

The grain-free/cereal-free alternative for chewing and as a treat: with 97% of the best turkey meat and high-quality ingredients.

✔ grain-free/cereal-free
✔ gently air-dried
✔ beechwood smoked
✔ completely natural product
✔ no chemical ingredients
✔ free from preservatives
✔ single protein quality
✔ made in Germany

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Dog Snacks Turkey Jerky Nuggets
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The Nutricanis turkey jerky snack is the best reward for any dog. With crunchy turkey balls for chewing and nutritious ingredients, this snack is a good, and most importantly, grain-free/cereal-free alternative to many other treats.

dog snack turkey

The turkey snack contains at least 97% of the best turkey meat with high-quality animal proteins (over 50%) that support muscle strength. Flax flour is also included as a source of fibre to aid digestion and support the absorption of the nutrients and minerals contained in the snack. Full of carefully air-dried meat, the strips will give your dog long-lasting chewing pleasure – especially because of their great taste..

The turkey snack is completely grain-free/cereal-free and gluten-free. It contains no chemical preservatives, colours or flavours. It is also free from added sugar and sweeteners, cheap fillers and flavour enhancers.

Turkey jerky gives you the peace of mind that your dog will stay in shape despite the occasional treat.


Net weight in g 125
Dog Size Toy, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge