Working together to meet the needs of more and more dog owners

Nutricanis is the new premium-quality dog food for dog owners who want to provide their dog with species-appropriate, optimum nutrition. German households are home to about five million dogs. An increasing number of dog owners realise how important a sensible diet is for the health, well-being, and enjoyment of life of your four-legged friend.

Many people are demonstrating increasing health awareness – not only with regard to themselves but also concerning their four-legged friends. Just like us, a growing number of people are convinced that giving your dog the best dog food is not a matter of pampering him, but of feeding him a high-quality, well-tolerated diet that will meet his specific needs.

Why not discover the quality of our premium recipes for yourself and become a partner? Nutricanis offers a variety of opportunities for collaboration. Together, we will find out how we can meet the growing need of many dog owners for a new kind of dog food.

Why not drop us a line or call us – we look forward to working with you!