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The better you know your dog, the easier it is to help him to stay healthy, fit, and happy. Our Nutricanis dog knowledge base offers helpful, useful information, collected by dog lovers and edited by experts.
Here you will find details of the latest research, expert tips, valuable experiences from other dog owners and interesting Internet finds, all arranged clearly and comprehensively. Take some time to enjoy our exciting content – for even better quality of life and lots of wonderful hours together with your four-legged friend.

Nutrition Proper nutrition is essential for a dog’s health and fitness. Dogs that stay in shape longer generally live longer too – and they enjoy their lives more, too. You can do a great deal to ensure that your dog keeps his healthy bones, strong muscles, healthy immune system, and shiny coat. But what are the right things to do? Find out what experts and dog lovers recommend – from... View Category
Training Of course, we all love to spoil puppies and small dogs in particular. However, proper training is important from the very beginning so both dog and human know how they can rely on each other. It creates an intimacy that contributes significantly to allowing you to spend much quality time together. Training requires three key factors: authority, consistency and patience. Anything... View Category
Health A healthy dog enjoys life more and usually lives longer. Even if you cannot protect your dog from all diseases, there is still a lot you can do for his well-being. In addition to good preventive care and choosing a veterinarian you trust, optimum nutrition certainly plays a big part. However, there are also other things that deserve your attention. For example, the special needs... View Category
Various Topics A life with a dog is a life that is shared – with all that that entails. Many dog owners cannot imagine a holiday without their dog. And of course they would never contemplate moving house without bringing their dog along. Things that were once everyday, are still everyday with a dog – but there are a few particularities that should be taken into account. Our Specials will provide... View Category