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Exclusion Diet Goat + Cassava 400g (Adult)

Exclusion Diet Goat + Cassava 400g (Adult)

Grain-free/cereal-free wet food for adult dogs.

✔ High meat content
✔ Vegetables and herbs
✔ No grains or gluten (no rice or corn)
✔ No artificial flavours or preservatives
✔ Made in Germany

0,71 € / 100 g

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Adult wet dog food: Goat + Quinoa
€8.58 / kg
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Wet food for dogs: Goat + Cassava (400g can)

wet dog food adults

Grain-free/cereal-free wet dog food. With practical pull-ring (no can opener required).

Nassfutter Hund

Net weight in g 400
Dog Size Toy, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge
Dog Age Adult, Senior
Dog Activity Level Typical, Active
Country of Manufacture Germany

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